Today our quartet joined by some other singers in our church are putting on a program for a group of people. A lady in our church who is now a widow hosts these events in her “barn” which she converted into an “event center”. The theme is Valentines of course and the songs are divided into goofy love songs in the beginning and turning to a theme of God’s Love for man in the second half. There will be 200 people present. This hostess feeds everyone a wonderful, festive meal along with the program. It is her way of giving back for what God has done for her. My heart is burdened knowing there will be people present needing to know God loves them or still loves them. God has reminded me to simply do my part and He will take care of His children.

Last night I had a date with my oldest daughter going to dinner together. It was a very nice 2 hour time where we were able to talk openly with one another. I truly thank God for this time. While we were there my sis in California called. I know something is troubling her as she never calls just to chat. We will connect this morning.

God is wanting me to know that more than anything He is a God of Love and Relationship. He keeps emphasizing my need to remember this for today. It seems like He is wanting me to quit the stewing about details which include me and focus on sharing this important theme of His Love and Relationship. This I want to do. How loving and caring our God is.

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