God is amazing!  No surprise, right?  Well, yesterday my day was not to be as planned, yet it seemed to complete itself just as God wanted.  Today there is much going on along with this entire weekend.  I was journaling about how things needed to fit together in order for the weekend to be a success.  When I got to the place where I asked God what He wanted me to know for today, He simply told me to do my part and allow Him to do His.  He already has the plan outlined and He will take care of the details I stew about.  It just made me smile and does so again as I type this.  God is so amazing. 

I’m grappling with emotions and spirit.  We have a spirit which needs to be surrendered to The Holy Spirit.  I’ve simply placed spirit and emotions into the same category rather quickly in my mind and then dismissed the topic.  However, I’m thinking there is much more to know about these.  The Spirit will live forever and that is the part of us which will live on after death.  So, are emotions the character of our spirit which will pass along with our spirit?  I’ve got more to learn.  I know to trust my spirit and not my emotions.  The Spirit is God’s Message and my emotions are my response?  I’ll let this go at this point, but I know there is more to learn in this arena.   

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