I had quite the awakening just now.  I awoke the computer to do today’s blog to find yesterday’s entry still on the screen.  I quickly looked on my phone to find I’d never hit the publish button!  My apologies.  I knew I had a lot going yesterday and I guess hitting the publish button was just one too many things to remember.  Is this another sign of age???

Many times I’ve written about God telling me to begin journaling to Him a couple years back.  More of late I’ve kept wondering why I haven’t felt nudged to switch from God to Jesus or The Holy Spirit.  It seems to make sense to me God would want me strengthening the relationship with them too.  However, the nudge just doesn’t happen.  The last few days I think I’m understanding why. 

Over the last 20+ years I’ve heard a few preachers and other spiritual leaders talk about God the Father as DAD.  I always thought that was a huge watered-down version of God the Father.  However, of late, with all that God has been doing to strengthen our relationship, I’ve felt like I’m journaling with DAD the FATHER.  I’m finding that God as Dad is completing the intimacy side of God.  A good father wants to have his family well cared for and well instructed and ready for life.  The dad side of a good father also wants his family to know they are loved and supported.  This is the side of God I’m seeing of late.  There seems to be no detail of life He is not wanting to be a part of.  I know this is what God is wanting me to know about Him and me.  How much I love finding out about intimacy with Him. 

Lastly, my mom’s birthday is today.  She has been gone for 20 years as of 2019 but her legacy will continue to live on through the intimacy and care she gave her family.  How I thank God for her. 

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