Somehow I just want to stay home today but the work of the school district is scheduled for today rather than tomorrow and the work of Thursday is set for tomorrow simply because Thursday is Valentines Day and school business takes a back seat to the disruption a day like this gives a school. Don’t misunderstand me, I do enjoy the party days at school, but I sure know that trying to have a meaningful conversation about a lesson taught or anything along this line is quickly disrupted by ….

The lesson we are doing tonight with our Recovery Class is actually somewhat of a reprieve from the ones of late. Its title is Isolation. I do relate to the topic but when doing the assignments of the lesson I found the roots of its ownership in me are missing. I remember well the isolation I’ve felt, but so much of it is now gone. I know more comes out when we have our class and we talk openly about the topic, but it felt good to do one of these lessons to find it being so much less threatening. I think this is a good example of God’s continued healing. I sure Praise God for this! Now on with this day.

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