I’m glad to have today.  It is going to be Valentines Day one day ahead.  Yes, I do have work to do but I get to do it in a more relaxed state.  Relaxed for me means I don’t have an alarm set to be sure I’m up by 5:00 am.  I get to sleep as long as I want–6:30 am!

Yesterday I had some exciting news.  The grants I spent the entire first semester of the year doing were approved in full.  The word came while I was at the high school.  Both emails came simultaneously.  I knew I had been somewhat anxious about them but little did I know how much until I saw, “Congratulations” at the top of each email.  I knew it was inappropriate to kiss the principal, business manager, superintendent, so we smiled and said, “Wow, that is a relief!”

Last night’s recovery class was interesting.  I had written we were addressing isolation.  It was good for me to hear one of the men say this lesson was much easier for him while another said the lesson was tough for him.  It simply taught me that the effects of abuse take different routes in rooting itself in our belief system and emotional system.  In talking through this we all agreed that the previous lessons dealing with powerlessness, darkness, and shame were helpful in digging out the roots of isolation.  The one man who struggled more with this is very introverted so isolation is something he struggles with anway. 

Today I’m going to meet with our pastor who oversees the recovery ministry work.  I want to talk about the coming year.  We are halfway through this year’s work and I’d like to know how to plan as we move forward.  Only God can put a timeline of healing together for his children.  I don’t want our (man’s) timeline to be outside of God’s.  This has been an awakening for me learning to stay in touch with God and letting Him take charge of His Kingdom’s Work through the involvement of man. 

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