My devotional this morning said the Word of God–Bible was written to transform man, not just to inform man.  This is a perfect descriptor of what has been taking place in reading Galatians this time for me.  All the other times I’ve read it I’ve been given wonderful information about how to live for Christ, but the transforming wasn’t being done.  When I take information, I then have to do something with it.  When I am transformed by the Word, The Holy Spirit is doing the work.  The work I do is always temporary.  God’s Work through the Holy Spirit is eternal. 

When I was a young man I remember my favorite pastor doing a sermon series on the Fruits of the Spirit.  He took one fruit a week and expounded on it.  My understanding at that time was to do what that fruit was like.  I remember thinking I best choose one of these to work on for working on all of them is TOO MUCH!  Finally, the message is coming home in the understanding of transformation which is what God’s Holy Spirit does as we surrender our will and pride to Him.  I was in my 20’s when I heard this sermon series and now I’m in my late 60’s.  It took 40+ years to get me to “transforming”.  I think that looks like the children of Israel.  Yikes!

Today a group of Celebrate Recovery participants is doing a cardboard testimony in each of our services.  The choir is singing each time, “Lead Me to the Cross” while we bring our testimony of transformation forward.  How I pray God’s Spirit will have His Way helping those in bondage to see there is HOPE for them just as there has been for each of us.  God is so GOOD and today is another example of His Goodness.

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