The presentation of cardboard testimonies seemed to have a profound impact on the congregations yesterday.  It not only had an impact on them, it did for us participants too.  God always uses our brokenness to help others know their brokenness can find healing through Him.  Such a merciful God we have.

Today’s devotion told how we are like sheep.  It went into how dumb sheep are.  I’ve always kind of resented this comparison.  Good grief, I’ve tried to live a life so I didn’t look dumb.  This was what I thought my dad felt about me.  However, this morning as the Blackaby’s were writing in their devotion, we are helpless to fight off the world’s temptations without the direct help of our Shepherd–Jesus Christ.  As I read this I didn’t have to think back very far in my past to the days when I thought Jesus Christ was a wonderfully nice man–Savior even, but for some reason He didn’t think so much of me.  Today when I read this I know beyond a shadow of doubt that He loves me dearly just as He loves you.  The fact that He is my Shepherd keeping me from straying into temptation, is exactly what I cherish about Him.  He also gifted me with The Holy Spirit Who is helping me become the fruits of Him found in Galatians 5. 

I think the most remarkable thing about all of this regarding God, Christ, and The Holy Spirit’s work is that we do nothing for it except receive it once we’ve accepted Christ into our lives as Savior AND Lord.  Becoming the fruit of the Spirit is by the transforming power of The Holy Spirit as I live in being the new creation Christ gave me.  This is no longer something I want to grasp, it is something I am.  I’m just now starting to get this.  So, today and each day I want to be a good sheep rather than be insulted by being one. 

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