Yesterday was one remarkable day.  I spent the morning simply reminiscing with my sis Bonnie and my wife Kathy.  At noon we left to get my older sis Alice so we could eat together and enjoy the rest of the day driving the country-side of S. Calif.  It was exactly that too.  By early evening I was ready to head to my cousin’s church to give my story to their recovery group. By this time I was at the point of wanting to “get this done”. 

Upon arrival I was greeted with a number of friendly people along with my Aunt Billie, cousin Sharon and of course my cousin Kathy and her husband Larry.  Having this many family members present I knew was going to make the delivery of my story difficult.  I had brought Bonnie and Alice with Kathy and me.  What I did to begin my story was acquaint the group with their leader “Kathy” who was never known to my family with such a name.  She has always been “Huck” to us.  Their group seemed to need to know this about her and I was blessed to be the one to let them know a little secret (window) into Huck’s growing up years.

It is never easy to tell one’s story.  However, when you are doing it due to God’s nudging, there is an entirely different motivation.  You know somehow God is in control and you are no longer talking just to tell people something.  God was so good and the one’s attending seemed to connect in many ways to God and my story.  I have certainly found this to be true each time I give it. 

This morning I was concluding the book of Ephesians reading chapter 6.  This is where God tells us we are fighting the battles we face in a spiritual realm.  He says that in this battle we can even stand while fighting.  I tell in my story how I use to crumble each and every time I was under attack or under severe temptation.  He tells us to put on the full armor of God.  I’d picture myself doing this but I never knew how this was actually done.  God is teaching me just as this morning that the armor goes on the new creation Christ made us to be when He came into our heart.  We fight temptation in the emotional level with anger, determination, will-power and none of these last.  However, when we surrender our will over to God’s Holy Spirit we can somehow relax knowing this battle is already won!  I’m no expert as this, but God is wanting me to grow and learn how to let Him fight what is already WON in His Spiritual realm!  PRAISE GOD!

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