Today is the day I give my testimony at my cousin’s church in Escondido, CA.  Over 60 years ago my story began right here.  When we were here visiting my sisters a year ago we spent a day with my Aunt Billie and a couple of my cousins.  I didn’t know until then my one cousin headed their church’s recovery program.  We decided when Kathy and I returned at some point I’d let her know so I could tell my story to their group.  My cousin had read my book so she knew it.  I’ve had so many fleeting thoughts since I let my cousin know 6 weeks or so ago that we were returning now.  My aunt is the one who I’ve always loved and appreciated for the influence she has had on me to be the boy/man I am today.  She was never timid about her praise for each person she was around.  I had wanted to shield these family members from my story so they wouldn’t think less of me.  Yet, I know this is only Satan’s deception trying to manipulate me.

This morning God has been reminding me that this is our story.  He also reminded me that I am not telling this story as the old creation I had always thought I was.  I am giving my testimony as a transforming man where God is making me more like His Son through His Holy Spirit.  This brings tears to my eyes just writing it now. 

My two sisters will also be attending.  I’ve never given my story with so many family members present.  Even though they know my story they have never been present when I gave it.  Well, God is good and today I’m trusting Him and believing I am His child being formed in HIs likeness.    To God be the Glory!

2 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY CONTINUES: FEB. 22, 2019”

  1. Earnie, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your testimony tonight! It was so powerful and so beautiful to hear how God has brought you out of bondage into feeling His love and grace and light. You and your wife are such special people! I am so blessed that I was able to meet you both and talk with you both tonight. It is a night I’ll always remember. God bless you as He continues to take you on your journey of healing.

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