This morning Kathy and I head to the airport flying home.  What a great time this trip has been.  I have not been this surprised by God’s goodness in a while.  Yesterday morning as my cousin and I talked, all kinds of generational lies were corrected and the grip of them let go.  When we get home today I told my aunt last night I’d call her so we could address the last of this. 

My Uncle Will had a stroke many years ago and it left him unable to participate in life without help for his last remaining years.  In all of those years when Kathy and I were here I never went to see him.  Somehow mixing the emotions of empathy with the confusion of my childhood were too difficult.  It was simpler to not go and confront the emotions I feared.  After Uncle Will’s death we began to connect with Aunt Billie and now we are connecting with their kids.  So, later today I’ll talk with Aunt Billie regarding all of this.  It feels so good to have this out in the open.

Something to pray about, yesterday I posted on Facebook I was giving my testimony back in Idaho at our home church tomorrow night.  A niece of mine at home who has recently returned from months of being gone due to drugs and hiding commented she was coming.  It would be so nice to have her come and see that there is a recovery group right here where she could find her own support.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much God cares about the details of our lives.  What a loving Father He truly is!

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