Today at 9:30 my cousin and I are talking about what I’d written in the blog yesterday.  She has insights which her dad had shared with my Aunt.  She said after reading my blog yesterday, we should talk.  Little did I know at the time I was writing it, God was already going to have a conversation like this take place.  I’m looking forward to it (with some apprehension).

I came to California this year with a lot of anticipation looking forward to being with my sis Bonnie and seeing all of the family we could work in.  I knew seeing my older sis Alice would be a challenge, but I also knew I needed to do this so we could move on.  Well, all of this has been rich and rewarding.  What I wasn’t expecting at all is God’s continued touch of healing for me regarding pieces of my past.  I had thought all of this stuff buried away in my memories and thoughts regarding Lewis’s was to just be left for what it was–sad and somewhat torturous memories.  I know now God is wanting them replaced or at least leveled out with truth.  The lies of Satan which he uses to kill relationships are being annihilated.  How good God is!

I’m giving my testimony to our own group this Thursday night at home.  I’m going to adjust a small portion of it before I do.  God will show me the words to use and I look forward to doing so.  

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