Today when I started my devotions and read March 1, I started to say as I’ve always done, thanks God for Spring!  Instantly I felt the nudge to quit doing this.  I’d always given myself permission to live in my definition of Spring rather than nature’s.  God seemed to be saying that He doesn’t want me living in any form of denial.  I’m fully in God’s Kingdom and each and every day I will live fully in the day rather than in the day I dream up in my mind.  This may sound trite, but for me it is huge.  I learned as a kid how to live in a world of my mind where safety was around me and I liked what was there.  As God has been transforming me into His likeness He wants me grounded where He is, not where my mind had me. 

Last night I gave my testimony.  My grand niece, niece and sister-in-law were all present and to my surprise, another niece and grand niece came too.  I loved having them come.  It was intimidating at the moment, but it soon turned into joy.  There was another couple from our church who were also present.  They don’t attend our Celebrate Recovery, but came for the testimony.  I appreciated their coming and they thanked me for my courage.  At the end of the evening a man who has come a few times of late asked if he could talk with me.  We went to another part of the room and he shared with me his own personal battles.  He was safe telling me because I had shared my own in the testimony.  This always is what amazes me about our God.  The very thing we “hate” addressing is exactly what God will use to help a listener speak their own.  He said he will come back now that he knows he is not alone. 

Colossians 2:19-23 talks about man not conforming to the messages of man which conflict with the Word of God.  Our world is full of man’s messages which fulfill the flesh of man.  God’s Word is clear about how we are to live for Him.  God is showing me over and over that His Word will transform me into His Likeness as I listen and live according to His Word and His Holy Spirit nudges.  The flesh of man houses our spirit but our spirit is to control the flesh rather than vice versa.  God is wanting me to learn this and to live fully by this.  How I love Him for His patience in helping me better understand and live this way!

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