God is taking me into a part of living I’ve not been before–this is all about being transformed rather than being informed.  Being informed is what man does for himself–flesh.  Man actually flaunts information and the amount one can store and quickly recall.  However, God’s Word is written so we can not only be informed, but from this information, we commit to being transformed.  I’ve lived so long being informed so I could “do it well”.  God wants me informed so I will submit fully to Him so He can transform me into being the person who will “do it well as God leads”.  When I “did it well” I hoped God would accept me more fully so I’d be worthy of transforming.  I’m more fully understanding that God has already fully accepted me and in so doing, He wants me to fully surrender all I know and in so doing, let Him be in charge. 

Yesterday morning after finishing my devotions and the blog entry, I started working on the Mending the Soul lesson for next Tuesday.  I was a little behind from being gone last week.  This lesson is all about the same thing I wrote about in the first paragraph.  However, the content is about the rawness of whatever abuse left one with that is still not fully disclosed.  The lesson draws it out so one can surrender it by writing it and then telling it.  Most of this isn’t new stuff, but it is stuff which I’ve told to Kathy and my counselor but left it there and put it back into “hiding”.  I called my sponsor yesterday noon and he is coming over this morning so we can talk about all of this.  He too is in the class so we can both step into this level of disclosure. 

Learning to live by the Spirit’s living within me is something I’ve wanted for years.  Now that God has me where I am today I can see why I’ve been so stuck.  I still had the reigns in my court with so much rather than in His court.  I’m giving them over as He shows me what I’m hanging onto.  Wow we serve a GREAT GOD!

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