Today my journey has me seeing (in my mind) The Holy Spirit.  Several years ago I spent a year journaling to Him only to end the year with Him being as mysterious as when I started.  I had spent a year journaling to God and then Jesus and then The Holy Spirit.  It hasn’t been until God awoke in me my need to understand Him, that all of this started turning around.  Its been close to three years journaling to God to finally separate my misconceptions of Him from my earthly father.  I had no idea just how much I misinterpreted God due to these.  God is just as loving and kind, yet focused and determined to do His Will as Jesus demonstrated during His earthly time. 

This morning in my scripture reading of I Thessalonians 4&5 I was nudged to address the Holy Spirit.  I’ve never seen or felt Him as judgmental, just hugely mysterious and distant.  Today however, as I began to thank Him for being so patient with me I felt this overwhelming sense of presence.  He is the very essence of all God is and He has been so patient waiting for me to welcome Him, not as a mystery, but as God’s essence. 

As I awaken more and more to this new creation I am, I realize all I’ve missed over the years.  I’m not going to lament them, instead I’m going to thank God I am awake and for His Wonderful Spirit living in me!

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