Yesterday was a day of disclosure and finding more freedom in so doing.  It was so good to be able to talk “freely” about things I do tell, but things which still have chains attached to my soul.  By the time a couple hours had passed I felt so much freer.   I know this is God at work.  One of the assignments is my class is to draw black circles in a heart which stands for my own heart.  The black circles are the things done to me which have caused the bondage of my past.  I then draw gray circles for things I’ve done to cause bondage to others as I’ve lived my life.  I’ve learned how to deal with the gray circles by doing amends.  Some of the black circles I still didn’t know how to handle.  As I had my devotions this morning I went back to this assignment.  I hadn’t noticed until I went back that there is a door standing open in the picture.  God nudged me to walk out of that door.  I didn’t need to stay in the darkness any longer of the past.  I got up and did just that.  It seemed the door closed as I walked out of the dark room.  Light is bright when it is God’s Light.  How I appreciate His faithfulness to me and to each of us who seek Him. 

God is making it abundantly clear that He wants us free.  Even when we begin to understand living in freedom, there are items of the flesh God will continue to seek out and help us move away from.  I suppose this is the case as long as we are alive.  We just can’t avoid being a “human being”.  The day will come when the flesh dies.  I use to pray that would happen soon so my torment would cease.  Now I find joy in the thought of living out my days in the glorious freedom God grants.

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