Last night in choir practice our worship pastor’s husband gave the devotion.  He is one of our associate pastors also.  He does this weekly.  He tied the topic of the devotion to the song we will sing next Sunday.  The song is “Shine on Us”.  The penetrating LIGHT of God is what shines on us.  His devotion pointed out that, yes, we want God’s Light to shine on us, but the consequence of it so doing reveals all that needs to be exposed so healing can take place.  It tied so directly to the sermon last Sunday on The Holy Spirit.

God is abundantly working in me so I can finally own the choices of my life no longer excusing any sinful behavior as connected to my past abuse from dad, my brother, my mom’s absence, etc.  My voice inside my head would chalk something up as “not being like dad” making me think it isn’t so bad.  This morning God is showing me that this excuse is no longer acceptable and I’m now ready to own all of my actions without excuses.  Excuses may have been acceptable ahead of God’s Light being shed on all the defects of character I’ve developed from the abuse, but now that all of it is exposed, it is time for me to own my behaviors. 

Kathy and her sis have been cleaning a room in our house which has been “packed” with so much stuff one couldn’t use the room meaningfully any longer.  This morning God has been showing me that this cleansing they are doing is just what He has been doing for me and my mind through our present Mending the Soul class.  It is a sober awakening and one I want to now own and never repeat.  God’s Light can’t heal until it exposes.  I’m ready to now own what is exposed so God can heal and then let The Power of The Holy Spirit be the very source of any work I do in God’s Name from this point forward. 

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