So today is the day after The Holy Spirit sermon.  It was one of the finest, most powerful sermons I’ve heard in a very long time.  Some of what it did was awaken what has been almost dead within me and in so doing, showed me a cancer growing.  Also, God is continuing this message this morning in II Timothy with Paul writing to Timothy about putting away the “lusts of our youth, flee from them and pursue righteousness.”  II Timothy 2:22. 

The Holy Spirit is the very power of God and it is present within each of us as a Gift from Christ Jesus when we accept Him into our lives.  However, this Gift is not allowed to be this power of God until we begin to recognize our need to surrender our “youthful lusts”.  The rest of yesterday was spent with my seeing a glimmer of what this looks like in my own life and in my family’s life.  The truth of The Holy Spirit is much about LIGHT.  Light reveals what has been hidden away.  Once it is exposed it has to then be removed so healing can begin.  I’ve needed to do a lot of this in my years of counseling.  There is now some of this to do in simply in how I (we) live our daily lives.

Surrendering our youthful lusts can look a lot like selfishness in many ways.  Pastor Ryan said yesterday that part of what The Holy Spirit teaches us is to pray and be patient.  Impulsive actions can often be selfishness.  Waiting on The Holy Spirit’s confirmation is key so we don’t act impulsively.  I need to learn from this in how I do my consulting work and in my personal living.

Well, I know The Holy Spirit is waiting to be much more meaningful and powerful in my daily living.  I want Him to be too.  I’ll take this one day at a time as I have learned from Celebrate recovery and repeating The Serenity Prayer each week. 

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