Today ends the training for those of us who do our state’s consulting work.  It has been much more daunting than in times past–or I’ve just forgotten since we only do these twice a year.  Our district is making progress but then we have these days and once again I realize just how far we need to go to be considered “healthy”.

Last night as I was relaxing in my recliner enjoying the fact that I get to stay home and go to bed early, my phone rings.  There is crisis in one of my kid’s home and so Kathy and I leave immediately to give assistance.  I won’t go into it, but the initial outcome ended OK.  This morning after a fitful night’s sleep God has been reminding me that He is God in all of this.  How I wish there were someway I could have my grandkids circumvent the reality of life and sin’s choices.  However, God reminded me how He uses everything to His honor and glory as time moves on.  I know first hand just how much He has used my own past in my present living.  So I surrender all of this to Him trusting and thanking Him!

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