Today I get to stay home.  I awoke a couple times early this am giving myself permission to just go back to sleep.  Of course sleeping in still looks like an early riser to those who are not morning people, but for me, I needed it.  This week has had many mental stretchers in the work training I’ve had.  It has also been one of emotional stretchers with the events of Wednesday night and our Celebrate Recovery last night.  The details are always private, but some tough decisions are needing to be made in each of the two situations.  This morning I’m tired and the one thing I know is that I am not to make any decisions based on the emotional strife stirring within me.  Earlier, when I was writing about knowing my spirit, I was given “intuition” as a focus word for knowing something is from one’s spirit.  Often I can sense my intuition so this made sense.  This morning I can’t sense my intuition so I do know not to jump to any conclusions about these tough situations. 

When I was journaling to God about all of this earlier I sensed Him telling me to hold a Light to the path He provides through the Wisdom The Holy Spirit provides to us.  Satan wants us to act quickly on the emotional state.  This is what creates divisions, walls in relationships and the need for restitution and amends days, weeks and even years later. 

I have my own work to do today from home so today I’m going to do what I know I need to do and let my emotions rest along with my body and mind.  I may even take an afternoon nap which would certainly be a treat!  I have some things to do with the greenhouse today which  would be the best treat.  In this, I’ll wait to see how God responds to the crises Satan is trying to make into permanent emotional walls. 

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