Today my dear sis Bonnie has a birthday. I wish you could see the picture she sent me yesterday. The employees where she works decorated her office to the hilt. She does this for them on their birthdays and they returned the favor for her. She is most worthy of the honor. God has richly blessed me with her in my life. When I was young I was embarrassed at times with her praise of me. But, now I look at it and know she believed in me when that wasn’t the case at least with what other said and did. I’m so thankful for her!

Yesterday God also did another thing I wasn’t expecting…. I had ordered a new trampoline mat replacing the old one. I had ordered the wrong size and needed to send it back for the next size. In so doing I took it to the store where the owner is a friend. Her shop is a mailing store but she also has a coffee/gift shop attached to it. In it she does book signings for local authors. Kathy had told me way back I should talk to her but the thought of promoting my own work just has never fit my thinking. Yesterday, however, God nudged me to take the step and I did. We are signed up for a book signing on May 4. For some reason, now it seems like the right thing to do. God and His Holy Spirit within are amazing.

Today Kathy and I are going to McCall with our youngest daughter and her 4 kids for a couple of days. It is the beginning of their spring break. It will be chaotic and fun all at the same time. God is good all the time!

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