The words yesterday saying: “God is for us, Christ is with us, and The Holy Spirit is in us” were hugely important but I was needing to reflect more on it. I’ve known this truth for years, but I haven’t lived as though I’ve known this. In reality, the gift of The Holy Spirit being within has remained as I’ve said before, somewhat of a mystery.

Today God is helping me unravel the mystery. As I was journaling to Him about present circumstances I was able to see my life as a vehicle for which I drive. The motivation for me to live my life for God has been primarily driven to prove that I could do this better than my dad did and that in so doing, I wouldn’t look like him. Today, God asked me to give the steering wheel to His Holy Spirit within me. I’ve come far enough now that I not only know my past is in the past, I can now let all the motivation of the past go too. I want the motivation for living out the life still before me to be in The Holy Spirit’s hands/control and not mine.

I’ve said all of this many time in my past. However, it has been a decision of the mind. Today God is showing me the difference between a decision of the mind and one of the spirit. I’m ready for my spirit to be in control of my mind through the surrender of my spirit to The Holy Spirit’s control. I’ve taken my hands off the steering wheel of my life and asked The Holy Spirit to now lead/drive. I can see this for the first time, not as a hope, but as a reality.

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