Yesterday morning I met with a young man for a couple hours. He had contacted me a week ago having been given my book. He had read it and wanted to talk. His story has some parallels to my own. He is already attending Celebrate Recovery in his town and seeing a counselor. He is in a step study and preparing to do his inventory. I write all of this because in doing these things there is the nagging fear that “I am being too exposed” and “what don’t I remember that is going to come up and I’d wished I’d never started this process!” I was pleased to see that he is taking such big steps and he is younger than I was when I started seeking help. These fears are only fears for as he takes the steps he will find new support and continued Light from God for taking the next ones. For me personally it was good to relive in my own mind the anxiousness I lived through only to find love, kindness and support as I finally took each step. This is still true for today.

Kathy and I leave for Oklahoma City tomorrow to be with our daughter’s family there for a week. I’ll be giving my testimony to her church’s recovery group. I’ve given it a couple times when they first started. What I look forward to the most is simply being with the group again. Each year we go to their group while visiting and I find it just doesn’t matter where we are, when you are in a Celebrate Recovery group, you find new “family members”.

God is so good when we finally give Him a chance to prove His Love for us. Taking each day as a day on assignment with Him is amazing. The anxiousness is largely gone when I go into this as God’s new creation, rather than the old self still attempting to prove his worthiness somehow to a God who gave him his worthiness already by adopting him into His Kingdom Family.

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