It is simply amazing to me how endlessly patient God is with me (us) waiting for us to turn to Him and finally give all to Him. Revelation’s reading this morning talks about the churches becoming lukewarm in their relationship with God and His Kingdom Work. They still supported Christ but their passion was dead. Their lives had once again turned back to themselves. As I read this God began to show me how in living each day there are the moments when we are challenged by whatever does challenge us and immediately our response is to defend, protect, guard ourselves. There are a multitude of ways we do this but none are God’s Ways. He even went so far as to show me that as a child the situations which attacked me were called abuse and I learned several “character traits” to shield me from the pain. Now that I’m an older man these traits are called “defects”. They keep me from being fully open to complete God’s Kingdom Work He has for me. My role is no longer to question, defend, protect, guard myself from these God nudges, but to fulfill them.

Somehow, I think the lukewarm behavior we Christians fall into stem from our eyes turning back to self. The new creation God has made us to be has eyes for Him and Him alone. I’ve asked God to not quit revealing to me these defects I possess until I have them surrendered and buried at the foot of the Cross where Christ did His Work for each one of us–me included.

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