I’ve mentioned the book, The Spiritual Man, by Watchman Nee, which I am slowly reading. In the book’s preface, Watchman writes about his struggles to get the book written and if one is reading it to be prepared for their own struggles. I think I am beginning to understand just a sliver of this.

Watchman does an excellent job clarifying the make up of man from the flesh. He clearly helps the reader to know the defining differences of flesh, soul and spirit. He goes deeply into the sins of the flesh and now he is going into the sins of the soul. The sins of the flesh are often the “habits” I know so well from my involvement in Celebrate Recovery. These include my own habit I’ve needed to address involving pornography. However, as I was reading yesterday and found him addressing the sins of the soul, he defines well these sins as the selfishness we always battle no matter how “good” something may be in the eyes of man. An example of these would be my own desire to start the recovery classes we have been doing this past year. How these groups are managed, communicated, led, organized, etc. are all choices of man which I have led. Yes, there have been times when I wanted something just the way I wanted it and it was “non-negotiable” in my mind. The classes are wonderful and have profited those attending but I can limit so much by the way I manage. As I move forward with these I want to better address the voice of God’s Holy Spirit within not only me, but within the group of us.

I am coming to find that The Holy Spirit is very tangible once we better awaken to the hugely selfish soul we possess. I’ve always viewed my selfishness against my dad’s and thought if I’m not like him I’m more godly. Well, God has made it clear His Holy Spirit is still waiting to take control of all of this and He wants to be the scale in which the work I do is weighed. I have much to address here and much to awaken to. This journey is almost like it is just beginning. Wow, I want to be a good learner and listener.

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