It was 37 years ago today that Kathy and I had that blind date which God used to bring the two of us together. How grateful I am for the way all of this turned out!

This morning I finished reading Revelation. This book is the one I always wish I could end reading it with a much greater understanding of the details within it. I realize we are limited in our capacity to grasp the fullness of scriptural meaning but I also know what I read is true and will come to pass. Most importantly to me is having my family all on board. I suppose every parent, grandparent, feels this way. With Resurrection Sunday so close, it only heightens the sensitivity to this.

As I continue to read my book, The Spiritual Man, I find more and more truth I want to have God help me with. It is one thing to think selfishly (I suppose that is natural since we are a being of flesh). However, to act selfishly is the troubling part. What comes into our minds is just that–what comes into our mind. However, how we respond to that is what we are held accountable to. This is exactly what God is placing on my heart as I read. The Holy Spirit is always tenderly responding to us helping us to know there is an option to what we are hit with. These options don’t always make sense at the moment, but if we stop for a second to process the nudge, it means there is a choice to make which supersedes our motive. I’ve had so many of these I’ve wished I’d responded differently to at the time. This is what I want to continue to improve upon as my life moves forward.

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