“We don’t need a better living. We need a better dying. ”  This is a quote from The Spiritual Man.  As I read it yesterday I instantly wondered what the author was meaning.  Then he went on to say that it is not until we die to “self” that we can truly “live for God”.  So, in order to live well we must first die well.

As I began to start Genesis this morning for my Bible reading, I read once again about the creation of our world/universe and all that God did in those first 6 days.  I found a difference this time however.  This time I was reading it with the consciousness of my current awakening to all that God is teaching me.  God had created the perfect “living well” system for man and all that He gave man to have dominion over.  Then, man took that fatal step of choice–yielding to temptation.  It has never been the same since then.  However, God has provided a way of escape which allows us to personally have the “living well” within us.  In order to maintain this we are to daily, and sometimes many times a day, choose God’s nudges rather than our selfish nudges.

I find myself realizing like I never have before just how much I have based my decisions upon the lens of my earthly father.  If I were doing better than him I was doing good.  God has wanted me for so long to realize He is the Father I am to based my decisions on.  I’m glad to finally be awake to this huge flaw in me.  How much I want to live only for Him and choose only His Ways.

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