Every spring I have this sense of urgency to get everything done in the garden, yard, flower beds, lawn all at once! Of course it isn’t necessary but my love for doing them and my emotions tell me I must do it now. This morning is no different. Being gone all last week and working yesterday I want to be outside from the moment the sun is up until it finally rests tonight hoping by then the yard is finally complete. Now that I’ve written this I find nothing in it which addresses what God would have me do today. I write this sentence and realize that the beauty of every flower, tree, vegetable growing in the garden, etc. is all a gift from God for us. So, as I do what I do today I don’t want to forget this gift He gives us.

My spirit has always wanted to please what I love. The Holy Spirit within me wants me to please what God loves. So, now that I’m much more aware of the Holy Spirit within me I want to please Him most. I’m glad God has given me time today to be in the yard. I’ll be grateful for this all day long!

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