As I was reading my bible reading this morning I find that God promises Abram (not yet Abraham) the land from the great river of Egypt to the river Euphrates. I don’t know if you realize how much land that is, but it is huge. Today it encompasses many nations only one of which is the small country of Israel. As I was reading it I was stricken with the reality that still today we limit what God wants to give us by our sinful choices. I realize more and more just how much the cost of sinful living is. I also am realizing just how much we limit God’s blessings by these choices.

To be a new creation as Jesus gives to us when we accept Him as our Savior, is wonderful. I am only now learning that living in this new creation is to awaken to the monumental lies Satan wants us believing about living for God. This idea that I could work my way to God and someday be good enough for Him is one of the biggest lies. I keep coming back to the fact that in my mind I needed to do all the things I thought dad should have done and then I’d be better than him thus making me pleasing to God. How awful that thinking! I now see dad was a sinner saved by God’s Grace through Jesus Christ. This is the same that I am. In my living for Jesus today, I now see the sinfulness He has erased from my Father’s eyes through His Work on the Cross.

I don’t want the ending years of my life to only be a speck of what God intended for it as Israel is only a speck of what God had originally promised for it. As I awaken more and more, also what awakens within me is this commitment to live well in obedience to Christ one day at a time. As He sheds His Light, I want to recognize and take each step with Him.

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