This morning I sense a heaviness I can choose to carry throughout the day or I can give it to God Almighty and let Him carry it. I just finished journaling to God about the details of this weight. It is amazing to sit here at my computer and write “God Almighty” and then wonder why I’d even think of carrying this weight around when I am Earnie the human who struggles with his own burdens, when God has given me the option of letting Him carry the burden when He is ALMIGHTY? How crazy we humans are–I am!

Yesterday was a day of seeing and hearing clearly the burdens around me. I didn’t work yesterday but the entire day seemed to be filled with being needed to hear or see the burdens of others. Some of them I can turn over immediately but others are those I want to address. They are too close to home. God continues to remind me that when man interferes with His Work, it is man who is seen and not God. If God is to be seen and responded to, man has to let God shed His Light into darkness. Man can then choose to follow the Light of God. I want God to been the One seen so I will step away and surrender today.

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