Yes, the journey does continue. I’m not working away from home today so was going to sleep a little longer than normal–I thought. However, when I did awake I knew I had some things I needed to hear from God. I didn’t know what they were but I was sensing a bondage of sorts. As I began my devotional time I started to see myself and what God was wanting me to now know.

In my scripture reading I’m in Exodus and Moses was on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments and all the directions he was to share with the Israelites. While he was there the Israelites were becoming more and more unsettled with their leader gone for so many days. Aaron caves into them and builds the golden calf which they begin to worship. God tells Moses to go back as the children have quickly drifted. Moses does and out of anger shatters the stone tablets God has written. 3000 Israelites are killed due to their disobedience. I’ve read this so many times and shook my head wondering why they were so weak? Today I saw a different Earnie. I likely would have not participated in the worship and creating a golden calf but what I would have done is gone into my tent filled with fear that my leader is gone and I would have sinned privately rather than overtly.

I don’t write this to beat myself up. God is wanting me to see and know that His Ways are not flawed. Eventually He had His Son Jesus die for all of these sins of man. I’ve needed to see the severity of man’s sin which includes my own. My hidden sins are no less black than my dad’s overt ones. We stand together at the Cross of Christ. The Kingdom God is making for our eternal home is a Kingdom of choice. Dad made his choice to accept Christ into his heart. He didn’t live a life like I’d have wanted, but that wasn’t the determining factor. Today, I stand with dad–sinners saved by Grace–God’s Grace.

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