Well, yesterday’s message about my journey is still mightily at work. If I, man, could live in spirit rather than in flesh, I wouldn’t need things like forgiveness. Forgiveness is a saving grace which God offers us through His Spirit due to us living in flesh. I’m beginning to see just how ugly living in the flesh truly is. Many of us do pretty well camouflaging our selfishness as we live each day, but it does show up anyway. I know we have little resistance to flesh within ourselves. I know this well. However, what I’m wanting to learn a lot more about is the strength behind surrender. When we turn from temptation and surrender it I know God’s Holy Spirit is there to take it. My only strength needed is to turn. This much I know. What I want to know is how I stay in surrender mode once I’ve turned allowing the strength of The Holy Spirit to conquer? There is much more I need to learn but this is the present lesson I’m addressing.

Yesterday I went to a retirement party for a principal I admired greatly and worked with my last 10 years while with the school district. She was the one principal I truly admired. She knew how to listen and respond to God’s spirit within her. Today, I go to a college graduation party for a student who was one of the most struggling boys I ever experienced in my career. His story ought to be a movie someday. He is in his 30’s now graduating, but it has been through sheer strength from God that he didn’t fall into the same pattern of living modeled for him by parents, grandparents, siblings and so many relatives. He had many advocates throughout his life in the school setting. He says this was what saved him–we believed in him. Today is a celebration of this. God is amazing and seeing this today is one more great example!

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