One of the things I’m beginning to recognize about being a spiritual man (new creation) is that one can’t live as a spiritual being until he recognizes his flesh. I am starting to notice just how much I’ve been in denial to my flesh throughout my life. This morning while journaling more about this with God I began to awaken to this truth. In reality, the only thing that separates me from my dad or from my brother is choice. My dad and my brother were both men of flesh. I am too. I’ve lived to not be like them. My flawed thinking had me striving to be a better man–better flesh than they. However, flesh is flesh. It is not better than or less than, it is flesh, and flesh is prey to sin. The choices my dad and my brother made based on their flesh are what separate them from me or anyone else.

I am truly seeing my flesh. It seems God is helping me become awake to this and in so doing I can then better understand my spirit and His Holy Spirit. When I first awaken in the morning I have two desires: grab my coffee and then my bible. My spirit is already awake and drawn to God and wants to commune with Him. This morning I began to realize that the coffee does nothing for my spirit, it awakens my flesh–my mind. By the end of my devotional time my mind is wanting to take over and get to all the things it wants to take charge of. I’m not saying my mind is bad, but I am saying it is selfish and wants to complete what it wants. God is showing me that my mind is to respond to His Spirit’s leadership. As it awakens each morning, it doesn’t move onto the throne of my life replacing Christ, yet, if I am not careful, that is exactly what I’m letting it do.

The other thing tied to all of this is that as the day progresses, my flesh tires. However, when it tires it doesn’t allow my spirit to take over. It becomes more and more selfish. It wants to gratify itself. Some of us do this in different ways but any that are displeasing to God are sin. I’ve been needing this time of awakening. My flesh is where sin resides and now that I see this so clearly I WANT God’s Holy Spirit in charge 24/7!

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