Have you ever wished for God’s Mighty Hand to perform a miracle just for you to know once and for all, He loves you? It may seem odd to read this, but for me the writer, it is true. I don’t know if all man needs to have some personal encounter other than salvation with God to anchor God’s Almighty Self in him, but I’ve yearned for this off and on throughout life. The yearning for this is directly tied to an emotional need I carry. Satan often tries to get me to believe I’m not important to God or else He’d have stepped in to my childhood and stopped the behaviors of my brother and my dad. He would have created me differently so I’d not have been singled out. So much of this lie has been replaced for me and most of the time I do not struggle any longer with it . However, truth be known, in my weakness (my flesh) there are times I do hear Satan’s lie and stay there for a moment.

Today I asked God about this. His response was immediate. He told me to look for His Glory to validate His Love for me. Instantly I felt this flood of love and grace come over me. I don’t know if a new creation like each of us believers is ever gets to a place where doubt is totally removed. But, until then, I will look for God’s Glory. In so many ways I already see it. The seeds in my greenhouse which sprout and grow do this for me. The spring flowers which bloom outside my window are a constant reminder of God’s Glory. The grandkids God has blessed me with are a steady stream of joy for me. God’s Glory is all around me (us) once we take our eyes off of self and onto God. I’m so thankful for His reminder today.

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