Today will end a flurry of mixed activities which have sustained for a few weeks now. It seems there hasn’t been a day of simply quiet and peacefulness. I go to the district I’m working with and spend a very long day with them. We have seen tremendous growth this year and the end of year learning data tells it. We will take a look at this today and set some goals for next year with the teaching staff. Then tomorrow Kathy and I will go to Wallowa, OR for her 50 year high school reunion. I will do some relaxing and helping my sis in law with her yard. But mostly, I’ll get to free my mind for a couple days. I’m needing this and looking forward to it.

There is so much in life to be thankful for. I quickly lose sight of this when I’m in the flurry of each day’s activities. This morning for a moment I thank God for the beauty of spring and the evidence of new life He creates all around us. What a great and loving God we have and get to serve!

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