I have said this many times before, and I’ll say it again now–“the best thinking always comes when one gets a step away from the fire burning to know how to address it”. This weekend trip has been just that for me.

As I was having my scripture reading this morning, I’m still in Numbers, God gave directions to Moses for the Israelites. He had him gather 70 of the leaders within each tribe so God could share His Spirit, anointing Moses, with them so they could have God’s wisdom assisting His Work through the leadership He’d given to Moses. As I was journaling afterwards I was writing the word direction and felt as though I needed to seek clarity as to why writing the word checked me. In seeking God’s clarity I found myself realizing just how much clarity God gave to the Israelites through His “direction”. When the Israelites followed them, they succeeded. If they attempted to do things on their own–they failed. When direction wasn’t clear Moses was to wait until direction was given and also understood.

As I began to process this simple but powerful clarity, God began to show me areas of my present living where I was attempting to move forward without clarity from God. Also, in a bigger picture, He helped me see where some of the consulting work I do needed to be focused on helping others see the clarity they need rather than attempting to stumble through on what seemed right at the moment.

This is so easy to see when one is a step away from the burning fire. I want to also apply yesterday’s lesson in this too. So often when we are in the “midst of the storm” we think we have to act immediately when God simply wants us to be still in the midst of the storm. Trusting God each and every day is critical. When the directions aren’t clear, I need to be still and wait until I have God’s clarity. This I believe is another characteristic of living as a “new creation”.

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