There is nothing like getting away from the routines of life to better see how well you are handling each part of life back home. I forget this far too often. Yesterday was a wonderful day of getting some work done for my sis-in-law in-between storms and quietly reading a book I’ve been wanting to read when I had some downtime. In the midst of this, God certainly quiets the soul.

Today as I’ve finished my devotions I can see areas I need to back away from and others I simply need to trust God as I move forward with them. God is so good this way. God reminded me just how much he cares for those I care for. In fact, he reminded me there is no generational gap for Him. He is the first generation God for all mankind. I loved being reminded of this!

Trusting God 24/7 is something I want to do but I am sure learning it is only able to be done one day at a time and the commitment has to be renewed each and every day. There is no way I as a human can rely on yesterday’s commitment to be strong enough to carry me through today. Today I’ve made my commitment!

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