Today’s Bible reading, still in Numbers, had some significant messages. Moses takes control of a message God has given him regarding bringing water from a rock and because he adds his own message to God’s he is told he will not enter the Promised Land. Also, Aaron is taken away by Moses, stripped of his robes which are now placed on his son and he dies. Then the Israelites enter the territory of Balak who is threatened and wants Balaam to give him a blessing so he won’t be destroyed by this threatening group of people called Israelites. Balaam is offered great riches if he’d agree to what is offered him. God is steadfast however and brings Balaam back to Him primarily through the voice of his donkey!

I take a look at this powerful message of today and am awakened to how many times I’ve wanted to have a piece of the glory from a message man wants to hear. God has provided a message, but in delivering it I want to feel good about being part of it as though I were the creator of the message. This morning as I was journaling regarding this ego of man God reminded me that through all of time He has been giving His message to those who will deliver it. He looks for those who will keep Him the Creator and let themselves be the messenger.

Man really does have a thing about pride and ego. After getting awakened this morning to today’s message, I really want to evaluate my purposes, my motives. So much of what I do these days in my consulting work is to be built upon solid guidance. What more solid guidance can be given except that coming from God? Do I give Him the credit for that which works? Do I try to keep any praise for me? This isn’t just about educational consulting but also about working with our recovery ministry and even meeting with an individual which I’m doing later this morning. I am a provider of God’s message. That is the focus of what I want to do each and every day as I surrender myself wholly to God my Father.

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