Yesterday I wrote about how much I love being with our grandkids. Well I get a chance to demonstrate this since 4 of them will be with us for the next 5 days. I’m not sure if the greater test will be theirs or ours?? I’ll have to report this next week.

This morning’s bible reading in Joshua told that the Israelites set clear boundaries as the land was divided between them. The boundaries were to be clear so there would be no dispute about what belonged to whom as God had indicated to Moses and then to Joshua. In the world today there is a lot of talk about setting clear boundaries with one another so “we don’t walk into temptation or let someone take advantage of us”. We know that boundaries are shattered for children when there is abuse in their lives. I’ve known this but in my own head I’ve always wanted to limit the strength of this message. I wanted to be stronger than the need. As I said yesterday, I would measure my success about boundaries by looking at dad or my brother. I didn’t explode with anger and beat someone up or I didn’t blatantly engage someone in sexual activity, etc. What I know now is that my boundaries were built from “fear”. Today God is wanting me to realize that healthy boundaries are built by Him. He gives clear guidelines in His Word as well as with His Holy Spirit’s voice. I want to work on this. This morning as I was journaling He seemed to say, Trust and Obey. These are the two simple steps to take in order to keep healthy boundaries. I’m going to give strong attention to this.

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