The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Have you ever read this and thought–how true this is! I have many, many times and even sung a chorus by the same title. This morning as I continue to read in Joshua, he asks God to give them more time. The enemy is great and the battle is raging but the day is ending and they needed more time. God did just that–he stopped the rotation of earth and sun to lengthen the day giving them just what they needed.

I don’t know about you, but I often forget the intense message in the statement quoted above. What started this off for me was my thinking how weak I am now that I’m older. My mind forgets so much more, my body wears down by mid afternoon and I get sluggish, my emotions weaken and I find myself irritable and much more susceptible to temptation. It was when I journaled this that God reminded me about the verse above. I don’t have strength within me to stand against the world and particularly the spiritual warfare of our world. This is why God wants us to know–that we can take great joy in Him for He is our STRENGTH when we do. What’s even more touching for me personally is that He wants to be our strength if we will only admit we are weak and need His Strength.

This morning I was thanking God for this message and for loving me in spite of my weaknesses. His reminder to me was this, “Earnie, you know how much you love your grandkids? Do you love them less when they do something wrong? Does it hurt your heart? Well, in the same way, when you do something wrong and show your weakness, I don’t love you less. Yes, I hurt, but I wait for you to take joy in Me, confess your weakness and ask for My Help. Then I can offer you My Strength. This is exactly what you do with your grandkids. I do the same for you in even greater intensity for I AM GOD ALMIGHTY.”

Don’t you love our FATHER!

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