Today has no VBS in it and no reason for anyone to be up early. However, at 4:50 am I awoke with what seemed to be the weight of sin pinning me down. I knew there was to be no more sleep. I needed to get up and take this to God and see what He had to say about it.

The book of Joshua is an amazing book. When we read from Exodus through Deuteronomy we become well acquainted with the children of Israel and Moses’ role with them. We only read Joshua’s name as one of two faithful men always beside Moses with Moses somewhat like a mentor to him. All of a sudden with Moses death, Joshua becomes the one who leads the children of Israel into their promised land and leads the people to their victories keeping them focused on the One True God. In fact, as Joshua ends, he gives them one last charge: to keep God as the One True God having no other gods before them.

Yesterday I had an email sent from a friend who has a family member in crisis and to pray for them. Last night at the VBS closing event I had another talk to me about their family member who is in crisis, in the afternoon I had a wife contact me whose husband needs a mentor due to his prior poor decisions. In my own family I have my own concerns. As I read the last chapters of Joshua this morning I began to realize the importance of stability of man towards God and being the constant Light always reflecting God’s Ways. This was Joshua. Every family aches for ones not in tune with God and we reach out for prayer. This morning I give the weight of these needs to The One True God. He and only He has the plan through His Son Jesus Christ to bring each of us to healing, to truth, and to eternity with Him. This morning I want to be a Light carrier for the ones God has put in my path. Join me.

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