Happy Father’s Day! If I read each of these words separately I see that for today the fathers are to be happy. The world needs happy fathers. There are enough grumpy old grandpas. Today we will give the world happy fathers and grandfathers.

As I began to read the book of Judges this morning I once again am brought to a piece of truth I’ve not noted before. As least I haven’t noted the significance of it until this morning. The judges which the book talks about are the heroes God put into place to rescue the Israelites from their enemies. The enemies would gain strength as the Israelites turned to other gods instead of to their One True God. The judge at the time would be a war-fighting hero as well as a spiritual hero bringing them back into focus of their One True God. There is a footnote which says that what makes them a hero (judge) is that they recognized their strength came from the One True God and not from themselves.

Man has such an ego. He wants to take all the credit for what happens when it is good. God wants us to recognize Him and give glory to Him for His Mighty Works. If we do this He rewards us with joy in our hearts. When we try to steal His Glory and make it our own, we will fall on our faces. I am learning much about being a new creation as I read through these Old Testament books. Man wants to think he is in charge of the world. God says to show man how He is not only in charge of the world, He is the Savior of it too through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. This is the Light we carry as a new creation. I don’t want any ego getting into the way of being a new creation thanks to Christ Jesus.

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