After my devotional time yesterday and writing this blog, I went to see my prayer partner. There are so many details needing to come together for this Fall’s kickoff of Celebrate Recovery and our Restoration Ministries. I needed to give all of these details to her so she could be praying over them and taking them directly to the Master. The time with her turned into a glorious session in which I was blessed beyond measure. She is such a lady of God. She is almost 20 years older than me, but her crisp mind and particularly her relationship with God allows one to be with her and get the complete sense God is present in Spirit and in Truth. She walked me through the Armor of God which I needed to be reminded of. She also brought me through some reflections where God had taken control when I was anxious or unable to see daylight. All this was God’s reminding me to not be anxious about my tomorrows. He is the One in charge. I get in the way when I try to do this.

This morning as I had my devotions I was reminded by God that this journey I’m on with Him is far from over. Being a new creation doesn’t mean I’ve reached the finality of growing with Him. Being a new creation is simply for me a change of mind. It is removing the character defect that I had to earn my way to God to now knowing I am a new creation. The growing I need to do will come from God as He brings me through life’s situations. I do love our Father God for His faithfulness!

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