The day yesterday couldn’t have been nicer. Getting the details done yesterday morning went smoothly. The time with my brothers and spouses was fun and warm. Last night was my highlight. Meeting with this young man and going through the dvd’s he wanted to complete turned into not only something he needed, I found I needed it too.

It is in the Conquer series I heard the author say a couple years ago that the amygdala of our brain is the throne of Grace where Christ Jesus sits–it is our spiritual heart. I recall so well thinking this is the dumbest statement I’d ever heard a “scholar” say. However, it was the next morning when God challenged me to think this through with Him. The amygdala is the control center of our impulses. Everything our body does out of impulse is centered there. All our organs function from this control center. Also, the thoughts that first enter our brain which sometimes cause us to spew something we wish we’d kept to ourselves comes from here. It has been between 2-3 years since I’d first heard this and last night when I was listening to this same author, I found myself completely understanding all he said rather than wanting to judge him. It is amazing how God completes Himself with us if we stay the course with Him. This journey we are on is one which needs us focused on The One True God. It is so easy to take control into our own hands and blunder, reminding us once again that God is waiting to be in the driver’s seat.

I use to firmly believe that my impulses–temptations were controlled by the abuse of my past. I couldn’t control them nor could I resist them at times. I also couldn’t let Christ come near them for they were the stench of Earnie. How God has shown me the flaws of my thinking. These sins done to me where already forgiven because they had been brought to God by the sinner/s, my brother, my dad. The fact I housed them as though they were mine was a defect of character Satan wanted me believing. It kept me from being as effective of a servant for God as God wanted. I still have my moments as I’m sure all of us do, but Satan’s lies are being seen now as such. I want to stay on this journey of becoming more and more trusting as my faith grows.

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