Today I believe. As I was journaling this morning I wrote all the things which are troubling me, confusing me, or simply needing to be addressed. When I was finally done I was nudged to thank God for all of them and to then turn them over to Him praising Him for taking care of each one. When I had finished this He reminded me that I’m a believer and to now believe it will take place for He is God Almighty! The other thing God was helping me see was to not limit how big or mighty His Work is to be when I’m involved in it. He says that all He does is Miraculous. When man limits what God does by putting his own boundaries around it–his own beliefs about it, it then looks like man and not God’s miraculous Hands at work. These are all things I’ve known, now God wants me believing them in what I say and do.

Yesterday our quartet sang twice, in the morning for our church’s first service and then last night for an assisted living place. One of the quartet members told me he was feeling overwhelmed with a lack of security. I told him I’ve lived with this all my life so I know this sense very well. I shared what I’d heard a few days back about stomping on “the serpent’s head” knowing it is Satan’s head when he tries to impede our beliefs. As this member started to sing a solo in a number we were doing I was smashing the serpent’s head in my mind and with my shoe. God told me to stop dwelling on Satan. We were here to rejoice in Him and help others worship Him. He didn’t want me focusing on the negative but now was the time to rejoice with Him in the song we were singing. Here I was thinking I was helping my buddy when in reality God wanted me celebrating Him. I quickly let God take care of Satan and shifted my focus back onto our Almighty God! He is truly AMAZING!

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