the journey continues: june 25, 2019

Today seems to have a large amount of unknowns in it. Tonight I’m to meet with our Restoration Ministry Team however half of them can’t be there. There are a couple other major items needing to be addressed and I can’t see how to do it. I brought them into Light this morning as I was journaling. I had just finished reading in I Samuel where Saul went ahead and conducted the sacrifice to God without Samuel’s presence. He was swayed by the people’s attitudes to act. Samuel scolded him for this when he did arrive and told him God would jerk the kingdom from his family’s name due to his actions.

When I brought the troubling items to God in my journaling I could not see how to take next steps with them. It was then God showed me that my steps are to be taken not by a timeline, but by His leading. I am not to take matters into my hands just because a date has been set. If He is God in my life I will learn to take steps as He shows them and the readiness for them. I am not to be swayed by the attitude of people, but by the readiness of God’s Work.

I was trying to find how I was to thank God as I had begun to journal today knowing I am to thank God in all things. Well, when God reminded me that He is God and I am to listen to His Voice and watch for His readiness steps I could easily thank Him. God is so AMAZING!

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