This morning’s Bible reading in I Samuel was in part about David’s killing Goliath, the Palestinian giant. I found it interesting that Joyce Meyer writes an insert for this regarding David’s age and size. It isn’t so much that David was young and still not full in stature, but it was about his oldest brother ridiculing him for his belief. David’s brother saw David’s belief as arrogance rather than confidence. This really struck a cord in me but it took some processing to understand why. One of my father’s cruelest behaviors I’ve thought was his critical comments when you did something well. He would use the word arrogant and I would do everything I could to be meek and lowly so I’d never appear that way. Only of late do I understand that dad’s comments were more about him than they were me.

As I was journaling after my Bible reading I asked God what He wanted me to believe from Him today? His response was immediate: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved.” Acts 16:31. My first instinct was that this was an odd thing. I’ve believed I’m saved and haven’t struggled with it. However, as I pondered it in spirit I found myself broadening the term saved to being much more than simply being saved from eternal damnation. Jesus Christ is the One who has saved us from each and every evil attack Satan wants us to experience. However, I’ve never thought this through until this morning. I’ve been told I do things with confidence many times. I don’t intend to appear this way, it just is me. However, when I do hear this I quickly question myself thinking I’m arrogant. This morning I better understand that God is wanting me to believe that Christ’s Work on the Cross saving us is also saving us from daily attacks which cripple us or sometimes paralyze us from fulfilling a nudge The Holy Spirit gives us. Believing doesn’t lead to arrogance, but it surely does lead to confidence.

I never want to be arrogant or to even appear this way. However, I do want to be confident, not in me, but in the fact Christ can use me and does use me and He has already defeated the enemy!

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