The journey of living for God each and every day, obeying His nudges from His Holy Spirit, is turning into a lifetime event. I know this is suppose to be the case, but the actuality of learning to live this way is much more remarkable than I’d ever dreamed. Yesterday’s unknowns turned into genuine clarity as the day went on. I received phone calls from two of the people I needed to hear from and last night’s meeting went smoothly. I had an appointment for Kathy’s car in the morning giving me over two hours to read which I did in the book I’m working through: The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee. I had lunch with one of our pastors and talked at length about what I’m experiencing from this. I don’t have a partner reading this also so I can process with them. However, God seems to want me doing this processing with Him at the present. It is a book which makes me so hungry to be the man God created me to be.

I am finding that believing, where God has me focused at the present, is a key element in living as the new creation God made us to be through the work of His Son’s sacrifice for each of us. Believing all day long in every situation is a huge learn for me–just learning to stay awake to this truth/reality is a huge ongoing lesson. Joyce Meyers said in one of her excerpts that people who have been abused over years in their childhood make up their mind to never let another “lord over them” as they get into adulthood. Boy, was she right there. I can’t tell you how many times I made that commitment to myself while growing up. Today I recognize how this mindset actually cripples The Holy Spirit’s freedom within me. I am first learning to let Him “lord over me” as God wanted all along. I’m sure grateful that one of God’s great characteristics is PATIENCE. I love Him and His Team: Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

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