Yesterday was a quite the day. I was able to get a trampoline replacing the one we’ve had (on craigslist), completed some grandkid chores, got about 2.5 gals of raspberries picked, had a visit from one of the grandkids, went with friends to a live, outdoor theater production and finally got to bed by 12:30 am. In the midst of yesterday I had some news which was so troubling to me. It dominated all the joy of the day. This morning as I brought it to God He seemed quiet for the moment. When I got to the end of my journaling time and asked my question, “What do you want me to believe from You for today?” His response was immediate, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.” Acts 16: 31.

The first word of the scripture is BELIEVE. Once again God was reminding me to not “do” but BELIEVE. Believing is such a powerful word when it is coming from God and His Word. I never want to question it, yet I find myself in my own humanness questioning it all the time. I love the fact God gives me reminders so I can quickly get regrounded in His Truths. He is THE AMAZING GOD!

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