As I approach today’s entry I pause. I usually don’t do this. The message is waiting to be written. Actually, today’s message is also waiting to be written. I just don’t like being truthful about it. There are some circumstances which have been troubling me and I find myself questioning God, me and anything else which might have influence . Yet, God keeps coming back each morning to the same message–the one I wrote yesterday–BELIEVE.

As I was reading my scripture this morning I read where David moves his 600 men into Philistine country to keep Saul from pursuing him. He lies to the Philistine king about his actions while living in his territory. There is a footnote I hadn’t read until today about this. When I did read it, it states that David was going through a difficult time. God had promised him he’d be king and God would establish his kingdom. Yet, all David experienced was Saul’s ongoing efforts to kill and destroy him. David was getting discouraged and went into Philistine territory and lied. His physical actions were disheartening, yet his heart was still wanting to pursue/honor/believe God.

Right now God is telling me to believe. He is God in all circumstances involving our world in spite of the evil connected to so much of it. He uses man’s choices to remind man that He is God and He is available by just turning to Him. This reminder is one I often need. It is saddening to me that God tells me this yesterday and by last evening I had totally lost the message! Today, God reminds me again and I repent for my short-term memory. God is always Good and always GOD.

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