Today started early for me. It wasn’t intended on my part but God had it in mind I’m sure. For a couple hours ahead of my typical time for getting, I arose as I couldn’t sleep. I ended up reading a book I had been wanting to, but hadn’t as of yet. Its title is: Holy Sexuality and the Gospel. Its author is Christopher Yuan. I’ve mention him before as a man who has stepped out of the homosexual lifestyle and is coming to speak at our church in September to kickoff our Restoration Ministry classes for the coming year. I have never read anything which clarifies so well the confusion in our present day about sexuality: homosexuality and heterosexuality. God gave us sexuality upon creation and He told us to be Holy. When sin came into the world through Adam and Eve’s sin, sexuality got impacted just as all of man did. The sins of homosexuality and heterosexuality are just that–a consequence of sin. I’m not going to try and explain what the author says in detail, but I’d surely suggest one getting the book and reading it yourself. It is not only good about this topic, but it is good clarifying sin’s impact on life itself.

I appreciate so much finding the freedom to be the new creation from Christ Jesus’ Work on the Cross. The removal of the bondage of my past has given me eyes for sin itself. I can see that God wants me (each of us) to see sin as the consequence of choice. I use to think I had no choice. Sin was done to me and I was that sin. This is no longer owning me. I am still a sinner saved by Grace. But, the truth in that is there is always a choice for us. I choose to live for Christ and quickly repent if I happen to sin. The chains are broken–praise the Lord!

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